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   Baker Lake Youth Athletic Association

                                                       PO  Box  528
                                             Baker Lake, Nunavut
                                                         XOC OAO

                                       2016~2017 Board Members    

                Name                          Director Positions                                 Email Contact
 Mariele dePeuter  Executive  
 LeeAnn MacLean  Finances  
 Hilu Tagoona  Fundraising & Bingo  
 Melanie Numsen  Sales & Marketing  
 Paula Rumbolt  Youth Programs & Mentorship  
 Kim Walton  Player/Coach Development  
 Justin Matchett  Player/Coach Development  
 Brad Mainse  Member at Large  


Past  B.L.Y.A.A.  Board Members

Thank You to all past board members for your valued time and energy.  Without the great enthusiasm of VOLUNTEERS, programs such as this could not exist.

Helen DePeuter, Steve Paterson, Luvera Ranger, Annie Attungala, Lazarus Attungala, Shannon McCarthy, Hugh Tunnuq, Bill Olson, Darcy Olson, Pippa Gammage, Alannah Kelly, Sarah Attungala, Katolic Utatnaq, Jeff Seeteenak, Sheila Sweetland, Kyle Seeley, Jason Fesyk, Cheryl Paterson, Julia Kent, Patrick MacIntyre, Gerard Dillman, and Diana Marrufo.

Additional Supporters of the B.L.Y.A.A.  for Tournaments

Sport Nunavut                                                      (867)-793-3310
PO Box 440                                                           (867)-793-3321 Fax
Baker Lake,

Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School                   (867)-793-4657

Rachel Arngnammaktiq Elementary School    (867)-793-2513

Qamani’tuaq Recreation Center                         (867)-793-2072

Arctic Fuel                                                               (867)-793-2311

Calm Air                                                                  (800)-267-1247 | (867)-793-2873